Sodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamate(SDD)
Potassium Dimethy Dithiocarbamate (PDD)
Dimethyldipropenylammonium chloride
Cationic auxiliary(organic floatation agent)
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Dimethyldipropenylammonium chloride

Cationic monomer is one kind of quaternary ammonium salt

Molecular formula:(CH2=CH-CH2)2N(CH3)2CI

Properties: light yellow liquid ,non-toxicity, with slight amine odor,stable chemicals

Uses: It is non-toxic active monomer, it can be used in the synthesis of high molecule, such as hair glue, adhesive, oil field Cationic treatment agent and Cationic thinner

Technical index:


light yellow liquid



Other specifications are also available for customers with special requirements.

Packing and Transportation:

Packed in 200L plastic drum, Load and unload gently, Stored in dry and airiness , the valid period is 1 year

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